ABC Genius is a very powerful but easy-to-use program. It allows you to search for words matching a pattern, find anagrams, palindromes, chain of words etc. Having trouble getting the last word in your puzzle? Then ABC Genius is for you. It can eliminate hours of frustration trying to find solutions to crossword and other puzzles.

Have you ever solved a crossword, anagram, Scrabble or Boggle? Was that difficult? Do you want to get help solving these puzzles?

Then you need ABC Genius. It is an essential tool for any word-puzzle enthusiast and was specially developed for real word-game fans.

What’s new in v2.0

  • Patterns with the ‘0’..’9′ wildcards are now supported
  • Ability to use patterns while searching anagrams
  • The Settings window has more options
  • Ability to set equal letters (e.g. “a”=”à”, “o”=”ò” or even “b”=”c” etc.) – very useful for solving some puzzles

System requirements

  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: Pentium 100MHz
  • RAM: 16Mb
  • Hardware: Mouse


Suppose you are solving a crossword (or a crossword type puzzle) and you need to find a 6 letter word. You know that the 1st letter is g, 4th letter is i and the 5th letter is u:


To get ABC Genius to search for all words that match this word pattern you simply type the word representing any unknown letters with a ?. In this example you would enter: g??iu?. Now press Enter and ABC Genius will find genius and gonium.