7 Reasons for Pest Control for Silverfish Who Make A Home Out Of Your Home

Most people recognize roaches, ants, mice and other common pests, but many homeowners may notice another silvery pest to invade their home – the silverfish. This pest is a tiny insect with a flat, slim body, measuring half to one-inch long and is light grey and blue with a silvery quality. They also slither their way around surfaces, similar to what a fish would.


Although they look harmless, they are anything but harmless. If your home has these bugs, you need to take immediate action to eliminate them for your Houston property. Silverfish are a bug native to Texas.


Why Are Houston Area Homes Such Prime Spots For Pests Like Silverfish


Silverfish love warm, moist locations just as the climate found here in Houston, Texas. Inside and outside a home, and any place that has moisture will attract silverfish. What do you need to be mindful of if you want to reduce your chance of a silverfish invasion?


  • Leaf piles with moisture at the bottom. If you’ve left a pile of leaves sitting for some time, silverfish, along with other pests, will make a home out of them. Leaf piles near the home will ensure that silverfish get inside of it. Bag leaf piles and toss them out. Bad home pest control practices about Houston here: 



  • Overgrown weeds allow moisture to accumulate and block out the sun that would dry the soil out. These are prime areas for silverfish to make a home out of. Cut your grass and trim the trees and shrubs.


  • Any kind of wooden objects, construction materials, firewood, etc., laid right on the ground are ideal places for pests like silverfish to proliferate. Be sure to move them away from the home to lower the chances of them getting inside.


  • If you place wet objects directly on the ground, it can keep the area moist and lead to the proliferation of silverfish.  Use fans to dry out web objects quickly.


  • Mulch is a wonderful moist place for pests to set up a home in. Use a dryer material other than mulch.


  • Broken gutters and leaky faucets are also prime places. When water runs down the outside of your home or water builds up on the soil, it provides the kinds of conditions silverfish can thrive in.   If you have wooden around your home, the moisture will soften the wood, making it easier for the pests to chew on and get inside. find more about water build ups here https://www.buzzfeed.com/hartzpestcontrol


  • When silverfish find a place on your property to make a home out of, they will do what they can to get inside your residence. If there are any holes, gaps, or cracks in the home, silverfish will find it and get inside regardless of how they appeared. Make repairs to seal up cracks or gaps in the home.


It’s imperative to eliminate any instances that can lead to a silverfish colony that can lead to damage in your home.